Killer Zebras started in my kitchen back in 2010 when I saw a picture of a decorated cookie and thought, "Hey, I could probably do that!". I had no idea I had stumbled on something that could truly combine my two passions: baking and art. Since then I've learned by playing, and eventually discovered back in 2012 that I could have even more fun with the addition of stencils! Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned cookier, stencils can enhance your designs and really speed up the process so you won't have so many of those sleepless nights!
But that's not really why you're on this page, are you? I'm guessing what you really want to know is the same thing everyone wants to know: "What's up with the name Killer Zebras?"
 "Killer Zebras" are a kind of cookie introduced to me through the book "Sunshine" by Robin McKinley (if you haven't read any of her books I suggest you pick up "The Hero and the Crown" and thank me later). Killer Zebras are, in fact, a real cookie. According to Robin, she "first met them in an old Betty Crocker cookbook under the name Harlequin Cookies." The name stuck with me and just seemed like a perfect fit for my style, even if I still can't always say it without laughing a little.
Killer Zebras is owned by myself, Melanie Beth. Call me Melanie, or Beth. I've always gone by both, confusing as that may seem. I'm married to an awesome guy named Aaron who supports my cookie obsession just as long as he gets to eat some along the way, and I have two handsome boys named Matthew and Miles... the first is becoming a little baker himself, and the second is turning out to be quite the cookie thief. We also have one more addition coming this summer!