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Killer Zebras

Color Theory Reference Guide

Color theory is one of the most fundamental aspects of great design! How often do you find yourself trying to match a color from a client or struggling to tone down a bright color to make it muted? An understanding of color theory and the CMY color wheel will make color struggles a thing of the past!

This booklet is an introduction to color theory and the CMY color wheel. Learn basic color terminology, how to choose a color scheme, and use any of our several color charts as a reference to take the guesswork out of mixing colors. This is a physical booklet that will be mailed to you, we do not currently offer a digital download of this.

Please note: This is the guide Melanie uses in her "Secrets of Color" class. This booklet is a great tool and is intended to be a reference guide and introduction to color theory. It will not, on its own, teach you everything there is to know about color mixing. For more color education be sure to follow us on social media where Melanie posts regular educational color mixing videos!
See also: Our CMY Acrylic Color Wheel and our CMYK Color Kit!