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Chua Cookie

Pink Perforated Silicone Baking Mat - Half-Sheet

What makes these mats special? The perforated silicone grid “mesh” allows for more air flow, creating a nice even bake and gives the back of your cookies a textured grid. Now, why the pink color? It's not just for looks! This color was specifically chosen over the standard black to promote a more even baking and prevent over browning. A lighter color mat will reflect heat more evenly, while a darker color will absorb it, making for a crisper underside of the cookie!


Size: 11.42" x 16.54"

100% Silicone coated fiberglass mesh perforated baking mat

Freezer and oven safe. Heat resistant up to 400' F.



· Non-stick silicone (do not grease or use parchment)

· Store flat or rolled. Do not fold or place heavy items on top.

· To use, place mat on baking sheet. NEVER place mat directly on oven rack.

· Use only a silicone, nylon or wood tool to remove cookies. Do NOT use sharp metal utensils as it may cut the mat.

· Do NOT cut the mat or use sharp tools to cut directly on the mat.

· NOT dishwasher safe! 

· To clean, hand wash in warm water using a mild FRAGRANCE FREE dish washing soap, using a soft sponge. Thoroughly rinse multiple times to ensure no soap remains in the perforated grids. Let air dry.

· Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaning pads.

· As with using new baking tools, you may find that you will need to adjust your baking times or temperature slightly.

· Note: A slight oil residue is normal after washing, as is discoloration. Neither will affect the performance of the mat.